KT Recovery+® Replacement Heat Pack


  • Replacement heat pack for the KT Recovery+® Ice/Heat Wrap System.
  • Specially formulated & reusable hot component for long-lasting therapy techniques
  • Provides immediate pain management and recovery benefits when used with Ice/Heat Wrap System.

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This replacement heat pack is designed for and compatible with the KT RECOVERY+® ICE/HEAT WRAP System, which provides a better way to treat sore or injured muscles with hot and cold therapy. The reusable heat packs maintain their temperature longer when used inside the insulated pocket of the Wrap System.

Reusable heat packs can wear out over time and after an extended number of uses. This replacement pack allows you to easily replace your old heat pack, while you extend the life and continue to use the other components of the KT Recovery+ Ice Heat Wrap System.

Each box includes:

  • One reusable heat pack

DO NOT APPLY THE KT RECOVERY+ REPLACEMENT HEAT PACK DIRECTLY TO THE SKIN. We recommend use of the Replacement Pack with the KT Recovery+ Ice/Heat Wrap System (or other protective barrier).

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